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Low Back Patterns of Pain 2

woman on couch with back pain
We are continuing our conversation about the patterns of low back pain so that you at home can start to understand that the vast majority of low back pain problems are completely treatable. If you haven’t read our previous blog post on this topic, make sure you go back to read that first.

Patterns are useful for us to evaluate the main cause of low back pain and provide appropriate treatment for it. Our first question was about whether the pain is more dominant in the low back or more dominant in the leg? The next question in evaluating the pattern is finding out if the pain is constant or intermittent?

A good way to evaluate this is to ask yourself, “Is there ever a time when you are in a certain position, during a particular time of the day, when everything is going well & you find that your pain stops (if only for a moment)?” It is likely going to come back, but the question is if there is even a short window when the pain is gone?

Next, evaluate if when your pain stops, does it stop completely? Is it all gone? Are you completely without pain?

Rest assured, that if your pain stops even for a few moments, in a particular position or at a certain time of the day, then your condition is treatable. It can most likely be treated successfully in a conservative way without significant drugs or surgery.

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