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Chiropractic Care

Dr Ling adjusting patientThere are many misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care, which contribute to the false impressions some people have, keeping them from receiving much-needed care. One we hear all the time is that chiropractors “crack your back,” but nothing could be further from the truth.

Our care is appropriate for patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors. You can be confident knowing that our trained chiropractors have tools that help alleviate pain, restore movement & function, and correct posture.

How We Help

No two people are the same, so we won’t treat you that way. Our typical adjustment technique, manual Diversified, allows us to use our hands to mobilize and adjust different joints in the body that are not moving as they are designed to do. There’s no pain and no bones are injured. We’re simply improving movement and helping restore function in the affected area.

Other techniques involve the use of Thompson Drop tables, a gentler method of providing movement in the joints. This technique is appropriate for both younger and more senior patients, and those with apprehensions concerning therapy. The Activator® tool is the gentlest method and is great for our youngest patients. We also offer acupuncture as an adjunct therapy.

We also have techniques for releasing tension in soft tissues, breaking up scar tissue and tight muscles, and always incorporate exercises into the care plan. Together, you will decide which way to take your care.

posture scan

Postural Correction

Posture is not limited to how you sit at your desk, sleep, or move—it affects every aspect of your life, but can be corrected if caught early. We do a digital posture screen as part of our new patient process to see where the shift is occurring, and a standing X-ray to evaluate the effect on your alignment. If we can correct it, we’ll do a posture screen to show you the therapy is working.

Working Together

Achieving wellness at our clinic isn’t a passive endeavor—you don’t just come in, get adjusted, and leave. We empower people to work on wellness at home, to do things to help them reach their desired goal. That may include lifestyle changes, exercise prescription, maybe a discussion of nutrition, based on their unique needs.

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