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About Kanata Chiropractor

our front deskDr. Hamza Usmani and Dr. Chen Ling have a combined experience of about 15 years helping people through chiropractic care. Our team loves the area, and we can’t imagine our practice being anywhere else!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to meet people where they are on their health and wellness journey. We want to deliver meaningful value to our community and want to leave each individual we interact with better than how we found them. Partnering with you to take you from Point A to Point B – whatever that may look like for you and your health goals.

Wellness is the ability to go through life, engaging in the things you love to do, and those you have to do, without limitations or pain. Aging gracefully and living with vitality well into your later years. If we can help by correcting posture, improving movement, and restoring function, that’s how we want to work with people.

Our Approach

We want people to realize that chiropractic is for more than just headaches, back, and neck pain. Many people delay or miss out on care because they just don’t know all that chiropractic has to offer. At its very basic, chiropractors are experts in treating nerve, joint, ligament of muscle problems. So, if you have a mechanical complaint, we’re happy to see you, and we’re really great at getting people better. Our goal is to get more people to understand that, and encourage them to seek care for their whole body.

Restoring Hope and Wellness

Many people come to our clinic disheartened, feeling they’ll never get better. They’ve tried medications, all types of therapies and modalities, even other chiropractors, without getting the relief they need. We are their last resort, but many are afraid to even hope for a solution.

Our team is here to help; you’re not alone. Even when everything seems to be happening at the same time, don’t lose hope. Just because you’ve lived with something for a long time doesn’t mean you’ll always have it. We have helped with headaches & migraines, low back pain and sciatica, and much more.

Start Your Journey

Seeing you get better and living a happier, healthier life is inspirational for us. Our team is here to help you experience better health and wellness. Book a visit today!

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