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Common Myotomes

chiropractor adjusting patient
Strength testing is a valuable assessment tool to determine the appropriate treatment recommendations at the clinic. Many of our patients are surprised to learn that strength is not just a function of how much muscle tissue you have or the training you have done to load it – but instead, is also related to how your nervous system is able to help your body contract and relax it.

Myotomes are “maps” of the muscles that shows us which nerve is responsible for controlling the function of different muscle groups. Below you will find the commonly affected ones that we see in the clinic all the time.

• Have difficulty bringing your shoulder up past 90 degrees? Your C5 nerve may be a contributing factor.

• Do you find it difficult to put weight on your feet when walking or going up/down the stairs? Your L4/L5/S1 nerves should be examined.

• Do you find you drop things often? Or have difficulty holding on to pens/forks/knives? Your C6 to C8 nerves should be checked.

Every muscle in the body is supplied by a nerve that controls it’s function. In this case, the traditional physical therapy & strengthening may not work. Our expertly trained chiropractors will be happy to identify if a nerve may be involved. Contact us to see if we can help!


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